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Don't waste money on energy when you don't have to.  Invest in Renewable Technologies.

Don't waste money on energy when you don't have to. Invest in Renewable Technologies.


  • Gary Abbot, Homeowner, Bandon, Co. Cork

    It is with great pleasure that we would like to endorse Future Generation Solar to you.

    We had had such success with our 5 hot water panels that we decided that we should go for a PV system as well.

    Liam Deasy and his team were extremely professional throughout the process – from when we were considering the PV system right through to installation and gave us great advice.  We put up 17 Panels in total, 12 on an annex roof and five either side of our existing panels.  We also went for the Solar Edge wifi app, so we can see the amount of electricity we are generating, even down to which panels are working the most effectively.

    Future Generation were some of the cleanest builders we have ever used even hovering up after themselves in the house and there was no mess left outside at all.   It is this attention to detail that permeates through all their work.

    We used the Revenue’s HRI scheme to get the VAT back over 2 years post installation. With intelligent use of appliances, we are saving about 1/3 off of our electricity bills.  The only drawback at present is that we are still unable to sell the surplus electricity we produce back to the grid.  This would greatly reduce the payback time.  We are also hoping that the cost of storing the surplus will come down to a level that at least this would be viable and therefore reduce the payback time.

  • The Burren House, Timoleague, Co. Cork

    We contacted Future Generation Energy  in 2016.  We had found we were burning large amounts of oil to fuel underfloor heating, radiators and hot water for our household needs in our middle-sized Georgian house. While we wished to cut costs and  improve the thermal performance of our home, we wanted there to be minimal invasiveness to the integrity of the house.  We also had to bear in mind our proximity to the sea, to ensure that corrosion by salt air could be avoided.

    During their site and property assessment, Future Generation Energy’s design team discussed our options, given the above constraints.  We opted for the Thermodynamic Heat Pump System as the best fit.

    For minimal visual impact, Future Generation Energy installed the Panels on the roof of the boiler room, and the new Heat Pump was connected to our existing heating system.  We now have a much improved and sustainable system for heating our house and providing our hot water.  And we also find that the air quality is so much better, making for a much more comfortable home all round.

    We have no hesitation in recommending the professionalism and competence of Future Generation Energy to potential customers.

    The Burren House, Timoleague, Co. Cork

  • Araglen Nursing Home, Boherbue, Mallow, Co. Cork

    11 KW Solar PV array installed in this facility.

  • Fernhill House Hotel, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

    Fernhill House Hotel  consulted Future Generation Energy in 2017, to discuss our renewable energy options for ‘going green’.  As well as wanting to contribute what we could to the environment, we also wanted to make savings for our business. Following a site assessment and  discussions, we agreed the installation of  42 PV panels, the maximum number allowed by planning authorities at the moment.  This generates 11 kw of electricity annually.

    We found Future Generation Energy very well informed on the most uptodate options, and  very easy to deal with throughout.  If regulations change in the future, we would definitely want to expand our solar pv system.

    Michael O’Neill, Fernhill House Hotel, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.

  • Maurice Collins, Modern Cleaners Launderette, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.

    Launderette: Thermodynamic system for heating large volumes of hot water.

    Future Generation Energy installed a domestic hot water system in my home in 2013.  I was so pleased with how it performed and the savings made, that I invited the design team to inspect my business premises with a view to installing a similar system for heating large volumes of hot water.  With a town location, the space available was limited.  However, the design team from Future Generation Energy inspected my property, discussed the options, and I am really pleased with the system that was installed in 2014.  A neat platform was constructed to accommodate the eight solar PV panels, a 2,000 litre tank installed, and the system was commissioned very efficiently.  The installation team installed meters so that we could monitor the system and its running costs and we are delighted with the savings we are making.  Four years on, I am still very satisfied with the standard and professionalism of Future Generation Energy’s work, and the customer support post-installation.

  • Gerald O’Callaghan, DDW Colour, Cork.

    Thermodynamic system for heating large volumes of hot water.

    Our company has a constant requirement for large volumes of hot water.  When building our customized premises three years ago, our company wanted to incorporate a renewable energy option to address this need.  Future Generation Solar worked with our engineers to design a Thermodynamic system for heating 1,000 litres of water.  This system has been up and running for the past three years and we are very satisfied with its performance; an ideal solution for our day-to-day production.  And an added bonus is the absolutely minimal maintenance, as promised.  We are very happy to recommend Future Generation Solar, who we found very easy to work with and very professional in all aspects of their business.

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