The Burren House, Timoleague, Co. Cork

We contacted Future Generation Energy  in 2016.  We had found we were burning large amounts of oil to fuel underfloor heating, radiators and hot water for our household needs in our middle-sized Georgian house. While we wished to cut costs and  improve the thermal performance of our home, we wanted there to be minimal invasiveness to the integrity of the house.  We also had to bear in mind our proximity to the sea, to ensure that corrosion by salt air could be avoided.

During their site and property assessment, Future Generation Energy’s design team discussed our options, given the above constraints.  We opted for the Thermodynamic Heat Pump System as the best fit.

For minimal visual impact, Future Generation Energy installed the Panels on the roof of the boiler room, and the new Heat Pump was connected to our existing heating system.  We now have a much improved and sustainable system for heating our house and providing our hot water.  And we also find that the air quality is so much better, making for a much more comfortable home all round.

We have no hesitation in recommending the professionalism and competence of Future Generation Energy to potential customers.

The Burren House, Timoleague, Co. Cork

David Burns, Homeowner, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Air to Water Underfloor Heating(Heat Pumps Domestic)


From the outset Future Generation Energy were a pleasure to deal with. As we were going down the self build route and not going through a contractor, trust was of most importance to us for our new home.

Future Generation Energy met us prior to commencement, and talked through all the options available to us, taking into consideration house size, room size, house orientation, personal preferences and budget.

We decided to go with an air to water heat pump. The installation was done very methodically and Future Generation Energy were always there on the exact date stated, to complete each step of the installation process.

We moved into the house in June 2017 and the heating has been superb. We choose a high specification system with a control panel in every room in the house. This allows each room to be set to a different temperature, to suit the individual needs of every occupant. This system is ideal for couples/families that like ourselves, have vastly contrasting definitions of hot and cold. We have the rooms we use daily set to 19-20 degrees, and the rooms not in use to 18 degrees. If we are having a friend or family member stay, we can set the temperature of their bedroom to their liking.

Future Generation Energy were always on hand to answer any query we had, and to help us understand the dynamics of the new sophisticated system that they were installing in our house. We would highly recommend Future Generation Energy to other houseowners.