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Cormac Wilcox; Dec 2013

Always a great shower with hot water available

We had our system installed around a year ago and so we have experienced it through all seasons and have been extremely impressed with it.

One of the requirements my wife wanted when we moved into  a new house was a great shower and with hot water from the Future Generations Energy system there is always a great shower available.  The system provides us with hot water morning,noon and night.  No need for sunshine or even daylight.  We have a 280 litre tank and have managed to have a bath for 2 kids and showers at high pressure/flow for 3 adults without running out of hot water.

The hot water has been there whenever we have needed it, through all seasons, and our electricity bills haven’t changed through the changes in weather from summer to winter.

I would recommend this system to anyone who wants something that just works and gives you low and predictable electricity use.

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